Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teddy's legacy

Dear Teddy,

It's upon your demise that mummy found out that you actually have left behind a legacy.
You multiplied what you carried within you, in another doggie.
Remember Ps. Michael Maimele from South Africa? You met him once when he was in KL for a short trip.
I remember how you were calm when you first met him, you allowed him to pet you on your head.
He is the one who would always address you as "Mr. Teddy". He is always there to hear mummy tell whatever stories I have about you and the lessons I  learned from you. He seems to be very entertained by all your stories :D

He was sad to hear upon your demise but he told mummy that you have actually multiplied yourself in the new puppy which he recently adopted, called "Next". He have me tell you that, you have left behind a legacy in South Africa. The funny thing is, I remember he mentioned before that his  lovely wife is not keen on dogs but somehow "Next" has changed her mind :D The amazing thing is, "Next" is a darling of everyone in the home. That is just like you too Ted, you are the darling in our home.

His son, Hope baths the puppy and this little friend of yours is aware that he is well loved and welcome in the family. Ps. Michael says, that you have imparted this love to all of them in his house. Its just amazing to hear that just by me relating all these stories about you and even sending him some of your pictures through email or msn, your very life has make such an impact in their lives.

Teddy, mummy and grandpa still love you and will always do :D

Love and remembered always,

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