Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Dear Teddy,

It's been a month since you have left. No doubt my heart and mind still misses you alot. There are those moments where I still cry when I think of you. All your memories are deeply embedded within my heart, my dear friend. Mommy loves you!! Do you still remember mommy's friends whom you have met, they all felt that mommy and grandpa should start afresh by having a new doggie. They are concern cause they know how grandpa is close to you and how he feels the home is so quiet without you.No doubt you can't speak and it's not about you barking...but it's your very presence that speaks.

I know deep down grandpa misses you alot but he tries not to show it out. One thing for sure, you were part of his life. Nevertheless, you gave him much courage to want to move on and learn to love another dog. I was abit worried that after you have left, dad might be so sad that he would not want to walk through it again but I was so wrong. You have managed to open and draw the very emotion from within him through your unconditional love and affection. Now he's willing to do the same with another dog.

Now, our home is filled a new puppy. Mommy decided to have the same breed as you since mommy have learned so much from you. Plus your mommy me does not much time to go study a new breed XD

Let me introduce you to your so called "younger brother" :p
 Grandpa has named him "JON TERRY"

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Tula Verusca said...

I'm sorry for what happened to Teddy. I had read the news but did not know what to say.
Now I'm glad you tried the Brother who will help you as the Teddy to be happier.
XOXO Brazilian friend

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