Thursday, September 9, 2010

Goodbye My dear friend

Who would have thought that after a long hiatus this very post turned out to be a post of "Goodbye."
Last Sunday, 5th September 2010 @ 4am, my dearly beloved Teddy passed away in my arms.
He was fine and well, playing and jumping around Sat night but then upon near midnight, he suddenly had this diarrhea which was a mild one and he was fine again. Then suddenly he became weak and floored by the diarrhea again and later it it became bloody diarrhea and dehydrated.

My heart ache as I used all the knowledge that I know to keep him hydrated and warm so that he could pull through till the morning and sent him to the vet. At this point, I felt so helpless because I did not know of any vet that are open 24 hours. In desperation, I tried calling Teddy's vet cell phone but no one picked up the phone at these odd hours. I knew my dear Teddy pushed and fight till the very end but still he did not make it.

Never mind, my little lion, mummy know you have pushed and fight it till the very end. Just like how you came into my life, I held you in my arms, now when you leave your are still in my arms. Mummy love you!!!
I cried as he died in my arms, dad consoled me saying, " We have to be strong, God love him more so let him go back!" Thanks dad for being strong, calm and for consoling me as I know your heart too ache and pained as you see your dear very friend leave.

What caused his death? I have no answers but his symptoms looked like parvo. Did Teddy got his vaccinations? Yes! Then how come..I really have no answer as I did not bring him to the vet to check as our regular vet is not open and at that moment all I could think of is my dear friend must be given a decent burial.

These short period of time, I focus so much on "How he died" "How come" that I neglect to ask and think of this question, " How he lived?" No doubt knowing how he died would help in prevention but I realized is that sometimes no matter how much we know or do, if it is the time to go then it is time. It was through these difficult time loosing Teddy, God reminded me to think back of how he had lived even though it was just for a short span of 1 year and 9 months. As I reflect back, I was flooded with tears of all the wonderful memories, joy and laughter he has brought to my dad and I.

I came to a conclusion after running through my memories of him, Teddy did lived his life purposefully.
What was his purpose in life? He was an agent of change in transforming and impacting our lives and the many other that he came to know. I laughed at myself as I realized of this revelation. I remembered all the many nights he would be there sleeping next to me and hearing his mummy repeating again and again to him this sentence "God wants us all to live here on earth with purpose and to execute and finish His assignment, mummy only lives for this and Teddy too must be the same because God made you for a purpose here on this earth."

All these while he had been living his life with a purpose and finishing his assignment. We may look that his life was one of routine but still he carried such an impact in his life and everyday he was executing the very assignment God wanted him to do. He is an agent of change because he changed dad to be more optimistic and stronger despite the sickness and weakness in his physical body. He impacted dad and I with such joy and laughter with his hilarious antics and playfulness.He taught me so many lessons in life.He gave us unconditional love, care, loyalty, understanding and companionship. He clearly makes a strong impact be it with adults or kids because he's such a wonderful, loving and friendly friend.

Through this I'm reminded, it's not about 
"how long we live as in the many years we have but HOW WE HAVE LIVED OUR LIVES DAILY!! and are we living His purpose for us here on this earth"

Teddy is an agent  of love, joy, peace and laughter. He has always dislike to associate himself with sadness and crying because it's just not in him!!
 My Teddy boy has truly lived his life purposefully, fruitfully and finished his very assignment.

Teddy, Teddy boy boy, mummy baby, little lion!! 
Mummy and grandpa love you! 
We love you!!  
(just like how I would say it to you every morning as you sit by the door sending me off to work) 
You and all your memories are kept in our heart!
You have impacted our lives! 
You are an agent of change!
Yo have multiplied yourself!
You have left behind a legacy
(Mummy just found out this out..I will tell you more soon)
You will always be mummy's Teddy boy!!
Than You God for sending such a wonderful and understanding companion 
"Teddy" into our lives!!

To all my dear friends, 
Thank you for all your love and encouragement during this period of time. 
We truly appreciate it alot!!

 Ode my friend!!

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Anonymous said...

I am so, so sorry to hear about the loss of your Teddy.


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