Thursday, April 21, 2011

Artistic or Mischief

My artistic urge wants me to do some creative explorations. 
Let me share with you what I have discovered:
A pillow with a small opening. 
Actually mommy kept it on higher grounds but I managed to jumped up 
and brought it down...LOL

My artistic urge have me peer into it and discover a whole new world there ^^
It actually the world of cotton or woolies as I called it. 
It sure was fun exploring inside this world. 
I decided that I must not just keep this world to myself but share it with the whole house. 

Yay! woolies all over the place!!

I sure was eager to show mommy and grandpa my artistic work
on the world of woolies 
but I was greeted with this...
Mommy says I must snap out from this woolies world of mine
and get back into reality!
The rolled newspaper cut short all my artistic inspirations!!

Here I was seated in reality!



Mommy says that I'm not artistic but a MISCHIEF

p/s: I was let off the hook with just a verbal warning!! :p Easter is just this weekend and before anyone of you get into the bunny frenzy, please drop by my pal, Pip's blog as he has an important  message to share 
regarding this matter.

Happy Easter Holiday!


Chicco said...

Oh Jon,
You aren't mischief!
you're just a little lively!
And you want to have fun, just like me.
I wish you a happy Easter with your family.
Good week.


Genista Gold Milaika said...

I think you are too sweet to be mischief Jon Terry! Like Chicco said, your just having fun! Enjoy Easter and have loads of fun, forget the woolies though hee hee!
Princess Kisses

Santa, Minnie and Christmas said...

Guess you are bored. Hey, that stick (rolled up newspaper) looks familiar. We have so many of those in the house!

Anonymous said...

Shame on that rolled up newspaper spoiling all your woolie scattering fun. We think it was a great and fun game. Hugs and nose kisses

George the Lad said...

No you don't look like a mischief but the cute face will get you out of alot of trouble ;)
Big hugs and love my cute friend
Mom says thanks for your kind comments shes blowing you a kiss cross the miles
See yea George xxx

Casper Bear said...

No you don't look like mischief Jon Terry, your far too cute and cuddly! Have a Very Happy Easter weekend!
Lotsa Licks
Casper Bear

Schnauzer Days said...

Oh Teddy, good job you've got the looks to get away with that, we can be a bit destructive so our human says but evidently we're growing out of it (well, that's what she thinks!) Dexter & Louis x

Suka said...

hey Jon Terry,

Mischief?! Never! You are obviously a tortured genius artist! I love your woolie work! I discovered the world of woolies when my human first brought me home. Two huge pillow worlds I entered. I miss those days!

That newspaper stick is very intimidating! You looked shocked back into reality in your photo! BOL! Glad you just got a verbal warning. But I think your mom needs to give you room to express your inner Picasso, or Michelangelo! ;->

Happy Happy Easter!!


Oskar said...

Oh that's not fair! You were sharing your fantastic find with your family, they should be thanking you. It's hard to train people though.

Happy Easter,

Maxi said...

All you were doing was giving mommy something to do.

Sawyer the Schnauzer said...

Oh thank goodness you were let off with a warning. You were just being a good, curious little puppy!

Anny said...

It is artistic of course.. hehehhehee.. hope you didn't get the newspaper thingy.. and hope it was just to scare you.

You got the face of an angel.. how can you be up to mischief.. right right?? hehe

GRAÇA said...

Jon want to be my friend?
I enjoy having friends and talking to them
Come meet me .. and then resolves ... we have many mutual friends
Ronrons crumb of a. ....

Dorothy said...

I think you're a little ornery, but so cute!!


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