Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reading lessons

Mommy has been lazy ....busy i mean. She has piles and piles of books to read and notes to type. I overheard that she's preparing for her training classes. Anyway, I too have decided to join mommy in keeping myself busy doing reading. Hopefully i can dictate to her......LOL~

With so much books around me, Little Chick wanted me to try out his little green specs to see if it helps when I do my reading. Seriously, I think he's up to something....snifff..snifff....can you smell it?  

Honestly, Little Chick's specs is really of not much help to me. 
My eyes are feeling tired already after seeing so many many words...

Oh dear! I'm yawning already!...No! I must try to stay awake. 
I want to help mommy with her reading. happened!!! I fell asleep!!

Anyway, 2 lessons learned:-
1. READING is really not for me. I'll stick to just accompany mommy while she does her reading.
2. SLEEPING can be a key in successfully rising above temptations.^^
   I have to admit as I was doing my reading, being surrounded by so much paper, I am very tempted to have 
   a bite at it but I manage to rise above it. Not easy but it just goes to show that we do have that very  
   strength and will power from within to rise above temptation.
   They key was to do something else! As you can see from the above... I WENT TO SLEEP therefore no papers were harm...hahahaha  :)


Mr. Pip said...

Great post! Sleeping is always the answer!! I do love you in those green specs! You look very smart.

Your pal, Pip

Genista Gold Milaika said...

You look soooo cute in those specs Jon Terry! Reading is very tiring, sleeping is much better.
Princess Kisses

George the Lad said...

Mom says paper work always makes her tired!! and she has to take her glass's off just like you!!!
You did look cute in them, but even cuter when you where sleeping
A Big Hug George xxx

Neeko said...

Hello my sweet little friend :o)

You look HILARIOUS with those specs on :o))) At least you tried.
My Mommy says that sleeping indeed keeps you out of lot of trouble; trouble which I never get into, trouble gets into Meee though ;o)

Neeko :o)

Suka said...

hey Jon Terry,

I love the green specs! You look pawsome! And I see you read Peanuts! You have taste! ;->

The last photo of you is so adorable! You have the cutest little face!



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