Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chinese New Year

Sorry to all my pawsome pals for not updating my blog lately as mommy seems to be pretty busy at the moment. In fact our Christmas decorations was just brought down last week ^^
Now mommy is busy rushing to get ready for Chinese New Year. Ahhhh...another big celebration ^^

I have been helping mommy in decorating our home for this coming Chinese New Year. 
Take a look at my so call "art work" ...hahahahahaha

The lime or kumquat tree made of cardboard which mommy bought it sometime ago. 
The word for kumquat or lime in Chinese is KAT and it means good luck.

The golden tray that has the gold nugget is mommy's very own art work.
Mommy says, the plastic container would soon be filled with lots of yummy cookies!!

This is my art work coz it has ME in it!! Hahahahahaha

Me having the gold nugget all to myself' ^^

 I'm opening my big mouth to get ready to munch all these lovely goodies in the gold nugget. nO, I'm actually yawning, all this posing before the camera is making me a bit tired.

1 comment:

Neeko said...

Jon Terry! You are just too adorable for words... I'll bet you get lots of hugs and smooches from Humans :o)
Pawsome decorations my friend.
How cool is that! You get to celebrate Chinese New Year too.
Thanks for explaining the meaning of your decorations.

Neeko ♥


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