Thursday, December 2, 2010

A week without mommy

Last week I spent my entire week without mommy. Without mommy means no computer that should explain why a week of silent-no post. Mommy had to be out of town, she was attending the International Prayer Congress, if you are wondering what that's about, check out this link :- International Prayer Congress

Sorry to all my dear friends who were checking in last week!!! Oskar and Pam!! we are sorry for not catching up with you guys @  PBU!!

Anyway, this is my first time without mommy and I missed not sleeping with mommy.Mommy had been trying to prepare me for the week that she not around. Still I'm not that used to sleeping with grandpa...I like to sleep in mommy's room. Mommy kept telling me that I have to learn to be a big boy  and help take care of grandpa and the house too...*sigh! I suddenly felt such a heavy weight on my shoulders..don't know if my short legs can sustain it!

But...but..mommy!! All I know is having people like you and grandpa to take care of me..I don't know if I know how to take care of others.... BUT I WILL TRY AND DO MY BEST. I remember what mommy taught me before, just like my toys, I have to learn to adjust and make the best of  with what I have. No point whining and complaining as it just zap all my energy away!. It is important to have the right mental attitude as it makes huge difference in how we would respond. OUR ATTITUDE DETERMINES OUR ALTITUDE! =D

So how was my entire week without mommy? It was great! after all everything depends on what I choose, I CHOOSE TO MAKE THE BEST OF MY TIME with grandpa!! Do I miss mommy? Surely and lots of it too but I refuse to allow that to make my days gloomy and sad..that's just not me!! I enjoy  my time with grandpa alot too!!

Grandpa may be aged but he certainly is my best of friend as he dotes me alot!! But sometimes I do make him shake his head when I'm up to my mischief..hahahaha

The best thing with Grandpa is he is generous! Especially in sharing some of his food with me *wink wink*. Shhhh...don't tell mommy!!

Anyway, grandpa is very hardworking as every morning he would prepare for me an egg to add to my breakfast....Ahhhhh..I love you Grandpa!!

ME.. anxiously waiting for my egg in the kitchen


Chewy said...

Yeah i get very sad when my poppa goes out of town. I hope you had fun with your grandpa.


Yoda & Brutus said...

We bet your mom missed you as much as you missed her!! Those eggs look yummy, so nice of your grandpa to share with you :)

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Mr. Pip said...

I bet you missed your mom, but your grandpa sounds very nice! I wish someone would add an egg to my breakfast. Glad you are home and back online.

Your pal, Pip


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