Friday, December 3, 2010

New Toy Friend

Let me introduce you to my new toy friend. Mommy say his name is Little Chick 
Mommy wants me to be friends with Little Chick as she is kind of hoping that Little Chick would keep me preoccupied.
Little Chick saying "Hello"

 Well, Little Chick seems to be comfortably resting in my basket

Me getting up close and personal with Little Chick. 
Can you see, I'm giving him a peck on his head ^^

Ohh.. look! Little Chick certainly knows what is the "alpha rollover"..hahahahahahaha

Errmmm....Little Chick fell while wandering so I extended my helping paw on him *grin

See Mommy! how close and friendly Little Chick and I are. 
Little Chick sure enjoys being close and under my furry paw.

Mommy say, "Jon Terry, what have you done to Little Chick?"
Me: *Gulp*....snifffing  my way out of this....

As you can see, Little Chick is fine and well. 
We're both taking a time out after playing =D

1 comment:

Mr. Pip said...

Have fun with little chick! He is very cute.

Your pal, Pip


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