Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 1st Christmas

Well, the Christmas tree is up so what is next? My good buddies Santa, Minnie and Christmas of (do drop by and say "hi") quickly suggested that I must get mommy to take pics of me with the Christmas Tree so that the spotlight would be on ME...LOL~
Thanks Santa, Minnie and Christmas and Beckham , Pinky and Jingle Bell too for your great suggestion =D
You guys are ever so thoughtful!

Here it is my 1st Christmas photo album =D.

P/S: Some of mommy's friend after viewing it said that I look like a soft toy, do you think so?


Santa, Minnie and Christmas said...

Those are such beautiful pictures of you with the Christmas Christmas-y! You sure look like a soft toy.

Neeko said...

Awww... You look sooo adorable my sweet friend :o)
Hope Santa brings you lots and lots of goodies for your 1st Christmas!
Have a Blessed one and a Happy New Year!

Neeko :o)

George the Lad said...

Oh I want to pick you up and give you a big kiss and a hug
Sorry I am late popping in to see you, and wishing you a Merry Christmas at this time is way to late! so let me be one of the first to wish you a Happy 2011
See Yea George xxx

Suka said...

Merry Christmas Jon Terry!

I hope you and your family had a fabulous wonderful Christmas and that Santa Paws brought you tons of fun toys and yummy treats!

Your Christmas photos are adorable! And yes, you do look like a stuffy!! Such a sweet face, and you look so precious next to your cute Christmas tree! Thanks for sharing your photos!


Suka said...

hey Jon Terry,

Wishing you a Happy New Year! Hope your 2011 is filled with much love, peace, happiness, and health!




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