Saturday, November 20, 2010


My dear friend George is going to celebrate his 1st birthday next week and he has invited us to join him for some fun and games. If you have not joined in, it's still not too late to join in the fun, check out the details at his blog

Well, I have promised George that for his birthday, I would begin to take my 1st step on the steps. Bear in mind, I have not gone out much and have no idea what steps are! So mommy had to ensure that I get the right kind of training before I touched down on the steps. I hear that the steps that is around my housing area is quite wide but I really have no idea how it really looks like. Anyway, here's how I have been "working out" in preparation for my steps =D

I was introduced to this huge and black machine which I had no idea what it does but mommy say it's suppose to help me. So here I am "warming up" to the machine while I wait for my trainer to attend to me =D

As I wait, I decide to get myself more relaxed so that when my trainer comes, I won't be all edgy and nervous..hehehe! Afterall exercise is suppose to be relaxing, rite?

Ooppss...I was to relaxed that I snoozed off. 
No wonder my trainer say, I'm the 1st in the house to sleep on the treadmill

George! if you are reading this post please do know how hard I have "worked out" to be ready for my steps picture. You do see the effort and patience it took me....hahahahahaha =D

Honestly, I do run on the treadmill once in a a while- only when mommy"my trainer" allows me too.
While mommy does the treadmill to have alot of her fat and calories burned off, she feels I need to have go at the treadmill so that some of my energy will be burn off too ^^


George the Lad said...

Oh you are so cute that's for sure. I saw the post of you going down the steps first, so my comments are back to front!! anyways that's a good thing that you warm up first, I don't think going to sleep is a good idea, may be after the exercise!!
I'm very touched that you put a post up about my B/day so thank you my little cute furiend
See Yea George xxx

Mr. Pip said...

Warm up is very important, but I prefer the cool down part of the work out. BOL!

Your pal, Pip


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