Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Toy

Well, the day has arrived for me to surrender my DIRTY and SMELLY toy. Mommy could not tolerate it any longer so I have to choose, either the toy goes or I have to go...yikes! Me! leaving BIG NO!! That's why I have to bid farewell to my DIRTY and SMELLY toy. This happens when poor mommy gets too busy and is lazy to wash =D

 Anyway, mommy was quick to make a new one for me, if not I would not have anything to sniff and play with. The above is my new toy. Before it can be certified as safe toy to play, it  must undergo some series of test to see if it lives up to the standard. Me, the inspection officer shall start my testing now...

 1st test -Up close SNIFF TEST

Must give it a thorough sniff inspection

 2nd - CHEW and BITE TEST

 3rd test - TOUGHNESS.

 4th test - The ROLLOVER.
This is light and easy, you can even rollover and play with it ^^

I give my PAW STAMP of APPROVAL to it!
Hurray!!!  =D


Mr. Pip said...

Looks like a very nice toy! It is always tough to see the old toys go, but sometimes we all have to do it. Have fun!

Your pal, Pip

Suka said...

hey Jon-Terry,

What a great job you have! I would love to be a dog toy tester! Of course, it would be even better to be a dog treat taster!

I don't know why humans don't like our old, stinky toys. Those are the best! They are worn in, we know them, we love them...just like humans get their worn-in jeans. Oh well, at least your human replaced your beloved old toy with a pretty new one. Enjoy!


p.s. I really liked your "Conclusion" from your last post! Good job!


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