Thursday, June 24, 2010

"I don't want my dog anymore"

I came across reading this article entitled "I don't want my dog anymore" posted by Annvi in Barkin' Doggie Bloggie.
It mentioned that the number one reason dogs are brought to the shelters is because their owners don't want them!!! Annvi embedded a video,

which made me realize that there's that part of "I", "ME", "MYSELF" which always comes out when put in various situation The nature of just thinking of "self".
The video showed the various reasons or excuses that people make so that the dogs can be put into shelter. When we want a dog, it's "I" want it for so many reasons and when we want to discard it, it's still "I" can't for many reasons again. What about the dog? Who is thinking of the dog?....

This "self" we must choose to shut it down and choose to do what is right even if it may bring us inconvenience and pain. I believe we can rise to be a responsible pet owner and we should choose to be one!  I believe it's because I choose to be responsible that has caused me to connect myself with other dog owners and began to learn from others so that I can become a better and more responsible owner.

In my journey with Teddy, it's this fact that has made me see the good side of things and taught me the many lessons in life too. If I had not made this commitment to be responsible and shut down "self", it would only have made me focus on the negativity and inconvenience that derail me and to missed out on learning so many precious lessons in life.

In having a pet, we must know that we are bringing in an additional family member into the family. Yes! it's a  big responsibility so before making any haste decision in wanting a dog just because it's cute, it's better for us to gather all the necessary information and talk with our family members about it first.

When you have decided to embark on this journey, know that it's not all bed of roses but it sure has it enriching reward which no money can  buy. Dogs shower us with their unconditional love and bring us into an enriching relationship with them. =)

"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel." 
Proverbs 12:10.

*Teddy says thank you to Ps. Gan Kim Swee for sharing the above bible verse!! =)

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Tula Verusca said...

How sad. People doing this with their dogs deserve neither contempt.
hugs from the brazilian friend


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