Saturday, April 3, 2010

Teddy- staying with us

Teddy was suppose to be my brother's family dog but somehow the plan got changed and he ended up staying with dad and I. The things is, my dad was not like very fond of dogs but with Teddy, he actually pestered me to bring him home.

That is the beginning of how he ended being with us but more so I begin to see the benefit of Teddy in his relationship with dad. Teddy turn out to be a therapy to dad as Teddy would make him laugh with his silly and funny antics. He turn out to be a great companion dog for dad.

Teddy is also the one that would alert my dad of the door bell ringing when he's in the shower. Dad can't wear his hearing aid to the shower so Teddy is his some sort of alarm. Teddy's vet, Dr. Kwok is pretty glad to hear how he's been such a good companion to my dad who is a senior citizen.

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