Sunday, April 4, 2010

CNY-Wynn Hong, Wei Lynn & Teddy

Wynn Hong, Wei Lynn &Teddy
Originally uploaded by Suan2010
Here's my nephew- Wynn Hong and niece- Wei Lynn taking picture with Teddy during the recent Chinese New Year(CNY). As you can see, Wei Lynn would always have MO MO with her. In fact she can't sleep without MO MO.

This CNY, Teddy is very excited as Wynn Hong and Wei Lynn is back to play with him. He simply adores them except of the time when they exhaust him with all their playing...hahahahahahaha

But Teddy as usual is very understanding and adjust very quickly with them.
I guess it's because he knows Wynn Hong and Wei Lynn are just here for a short period of time that's why he puts up with all their antics.

You can see here how Wynn Hong is trying to get Teddy to stand for this pic...Teddy must be tired from all the running around earlier on. His legs feel weak..... LOL

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