Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teddy's family

Let me introduce you to Teddy's family.
This Teddy's mommy called "MO MO".  Mo Mo actually gave birth to 5 pups despite her small size. She may be small but fierce in defending her little pups. I would try to get Teddy's dad pic soon..

She looks exhausted with all the feeding but still she push through to feed her young ones. Poor MoMo, I cheekily suggested to her owners, that they should give her bird nest or cook ginger wine chicken (food which woman in confinement would consume) to replenish her...hahahahahahaha!!

Ok.. the idea did not went well with them =_= but they did have a good laugh though.

I remembered caring for Mo Mo and her pups during the Chinese New Year holidays.
I'm glad she trusted me and allowed me to clean her cage and her pups.
Teddy's dad - "MIKO" was unfortunately not allowed to be near the cage.
Everytime he tries, Mo Mo would give a fierce look and he would understand what she meant. Talk about body language even dogs are sensitive about this..hahahahaha

Teddy says:
Ahhh...i still remember my mom feeling pretty exhausted just trying to keep up with us. All of us were racing to see who gets the first portion of mom's super delicious and power packed vitamin milk. As you can see I already had my portion first that's why I'm not in there....hahahaha

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