Thursday, August 27, 2009


Let me introduce you to this very special furry fella above.
This is TEDDY.
He is of a Shih Tzu breed (mixture).
Teddy was born on the: 14th Jan 2009.

When he was a newly born, I just singled him out and decided to call him Teddy coz when I look at him , he just looks like a teddy bear!! Hahaha... I know it sounds funny but that's the truth.

 I would say Teddy and I have a certain kind of bond that can never be explained but then again this is the beginning of a meaningful relationship. I remember when he was young, he would crawl near towards my feet and snuggle himself to just sleep by my feet. I guess he felt very comfortable with my legs ...hahahahahaha
Till now, he's been doing that . He just like to come near my feet, lay his head on it and sleep. Maybe my feet is like a pillow to him XD

Quote: "Dog is man's best friend". I'm embarking in discovering and living this quote.

Teddy says:
This is how I look when I'm about 2 weeks old.
The little mischief holding me insisted that I had my picture taken. 
Look at me I was so blurr and lost but ever so cute.

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