Thursday, April 4, 2013

Not enough room

Shhh...I just heard that mommy is going outstation for a few days and I have decided that I will come along.
As you can see, her luggage bag fits me perfectly.

There's ample room not just for leg rest but for my whole body..hehehe

 There's even room for mommy's blue towel

As you can see, I decided to bring my favorite toy Little Chick along for this trip. What!! I'm summon to come out from the luggage.....but but I wanna come along...

Bah! this was a perfect plan for me to follow mommy but she said that there's no room for her toiletries. Silly mommy! she just needs bones to get her teeth just like how I do it. Why does she need room for toiletries. I am more important than all these other things......

Still at the end, I have to stay back home because there's not enough room for me T T


Asta said...

You look pawfect in that luggage..And it looked to me that thewe was plenty of woom fow yoow Mo's panties and towel. I can't undewstand whey she woold have needed least you gots to have yoow stuffie fwiend to keep you company until yoow Mom gets back. don't be sad little sweetie. I know she'll come back soon
smoochie kisses

Shaye Walsh said...

Cute dog! Can you email me when you get a chance? I'd love to connect to ask you a couple questions.


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