Thursday, February 28, 2013

Great Year - 2013

Jon Terry wearing his red shirt during Chinese New Year

After a long hiatus, we're back. We sincerely thank you to those who have been visiting and posting heart warming words at our blog, a pawsome & heartfelt "THANK YOU"

Thank you  Chicco , Fur angel Suka & K and Casper for your Christmas and New Year wishes.

It may be late wishes but still we wanna wish all our pawsome friends that this year would be a great year for each of you and that you'll experience many great breakthroughs and wonderful opportunities for you and your loved ones.

We'll post soon!!

Love ya,
Jon Terry & Kim

1 comment:

Dee . . . . . said...

Hi Jon Terry, we too took a break from blogging but are back now and looking forward to catching up with old friends and new ones!


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