Saturday, March 31, 2012

Peeling Onions

Yes, we know we have been missing for a long while, we will try to fill you in along the way on why we go MIA.

Now, what's with this "peeling onions" certainly is not about eating onions but rather learning how things in life can be like an onion. Superficially it may look fine but upon the peeling of the layers that we began to discover something deeper.

It all began when early this year, Jon Terry began to scratch his upper abdomen and those few tiny red rashes are bumping up on his upper abdomen again. He seems to have it periodically about once  to twice a year, despite using those naturals sprays and all = =  

Western medications seem to have done what it could so it left me looking for other alternatives, which had me cross paths with Dr. Susanna Brida-Hofherr  of ASIA PAWS. She is a lovely certified vet who is practicing Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) using acupunture as the principal tool for treatment. You can read more about TCVM, here at ASIA PAWS.

Like any holistic program, we must learn to be patience because we are not just nursing the superficial but going in depth to find the root cause which is so much like "peeling of onion"! It's the peeling of the layers in a onion till we discover the core. Jon Terry is said to have this "heat" and "dampness" condition. It's upon this diagnosis, that it began to make sense to me about why Jon Terry behaves certain manner. 

Jon Terry loves to go out and have car rides but he had always have this problem where he be panting and later let out a squeal or cry when he's out for a car rides in the morning or why he would be panting after a short evening walk. It's obvious he wants to walk some more but he needs lots of water.Internally, he was actually heaty!

In fact, just after his first session of acupuncture which help to reduce the heat and dampness in his body, he was enjoying his morning and evening car rides without any panting and squeal.Now, he's capable of having long evening walks without any problem.

 Yes, Jon Terry is still undergoing his acupuncture sessions which he loves alot and there's a very good reason to it, which I will tell you later on. Together with homecooked diet, he's getting better.What about the itch and those rashes? I'll tell you more in the coming post.

This "peeling onions" journey also have me confront the real reason why I numbed my intuition and common sense but stick to the routine for Jon Terry. I was afraid that what had happen to my late Teddy would happen again. Eventhough, I was told that his death was likely to be something viral, deep down I felt guilty, and blamed myself for not being able to help him.

Dr. Susanna said, "perhaps the late Teddy was not meant to be but the very fact that he was with you, right till the point he left, to him that was comforting, coz he left in his own home and in your arms." It looks like, it 's not just Jon Terry that had his "peeling onions" session but me too.

Jon Terry smiling during his 20mins acupuncture sessions. 
The needles are pretty fine so you can't really see them.

His toy friend, Little Chick is hiding behind coz he's afraid of needles 
unlike the brave Jon Terry


Genista Gold Milaika said...

I am so glad that you are getting better Jon Terry! You look as cute as ever. Lovely photos. Take care.
Princess Kisses

Ann Oon said...

That's very brave of you Jon Terry. I've actually came across Dr Brida last week when i was browsing on the web... i am glad she is helping Jon to be better.

Don't blame yourself about Teddy. We are all always learning in everything we do. You gave him love and that matters most. *HUGS*

Happy Easter on Sunday!

Chicco said...

Hello Jon,

Happy Easter to you and all your family!!!
Woof, woof,



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