Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bountiful Treasures

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, mommy is busy experimenting with this recipe called Bountiful Treasures. This is how it looks like.

I don't understand why it's called Bountiful Treasures as I can seem to find any big bones except a skinny ducky bone..where are the treasures then???

Me secretly, having a sniff and whiff at the pot of Bountiful Treasures- all the waxed meat, duck and sausages.

I don't get to try some of it????


Anny said...

Looks deeeeeelicious :) but i am sure your mommy will have something more deeelicious for you. Hope you and your mommy and grandpa will have a wonderful Chinese New Year!

Keith Andrea said...

.,Happy Chinese New Year, that looks delicious... it makes me hungry seeing it..can we eat that?lol

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Muffin said...

Wow.. I am drooling!! That's the problem with humans. They call it treasure, but nothing worth eating in there (but I still wouldn't mind eating a whole bowl HINT HINT).

Woof to you,


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