Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hmm...something new

Hmmm....mommy prepared something different for me. 
Take a sneak peek of it.....

Yes! I'm being upgraded to eating rice ^^

It has steamed chunky porky meat, broccoli and carrots.

Ahhhh... the way to a dog's heart is through his stomach...LOL 
Good tasty food sure makes a happy doggie ;0)


Dorothy said...

Oh Jon Terry, you are so lucky to have such a good mommy who loves you! Hope you enjoyed it!

Anny said...

wow.. you sure am the luckiest fella around. Lookit the colourful dish! Can i come over for dinner?

woofs n licks,

Santa, Minnie and Christmas said...

That must be the best food and it looks good too!! Our human used to cook for us but not anymore because we got finicky after that.

Suka said...

hey Jon Terry,

Your own personal chef! You are such a lucky pup! And your new food looks so yummy! I bet your tummy is very happy! :->



p.s. You and your mom pawed such wise words (the Comment you left me). :->

Neeko said...

Wow! Now this is what Meee calls a scrumptious meal! Not the dog food that my Mommy is forcing Meee to eat :o( You are on lucky guy my friend!
~ Hey Mommy! Get over here now! Take a gooooooood look at this meal… Meee would like this too! ~

Neeko ♥

Chicco said...

mmmmm...It looks like delicous!!!!
Woof, woof,



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