Thursday, February 10, 2011


This Chinese New Year, mommy's brother, Uncle Faymann and his family are back to spend the New Year with grandpa & us in our home.
Let me introduce you to mommy's little nephew and niece

This is little Wei Lynn

This is big bro Wynn Hoong

See how HAPPY they looked when they have their picture taken with ME!!

These two are really full of seems like they have been charged by that battery  called "ENERGIZER"..hahahaha
They engaged me in their playing session which doesn't seem to end at all.
When it finally did end, this is how I looked like ==

I'm totally exhausted!! 


Anonymous said...

Maybe totally exhausted, but that did not keep you from looking oh, so cute! Cuties you played with too. We like your blog and will be following. Hugs and nose kisses

Anny said...

They do look happier when they have their picture taken with you.. hehehee... kids really do exhaust us don't they. You look poofed! Hope you got some rest and Happy CNY to you and your mommy and grandpa too!

woofs n licks,


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