Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time for trimming

Today, I managed to take some time to give Teddy boy some grooming. The weather has been rather hot so it's best I trim him so that he can keep cool. He had his last trim last month but rather not wait for his coat of hair to grow any longer. In the early days, when I had not learn to do simple trimming, poor Teddy had to wait until his mommy had the time to send him to the groomer. Below is how he used to look like in the early days especially after his meal. I know he's too hairy and messy.......bad mommy!!

Nowadays his mommy, me has learned how to do simple trimming with some tools and put Teddy at ease when it comes to grooming.

Here's how I trimmed Teddy's hair.

Tools used:
Below is are the tools that come along when I purchased the electric clipper. 

Picture of Teddy BEFORE the trim

Picture of Teddy AFTER the trim

Body hair trimmed


I did not get the scissors with rounded edge which is available in the pet shop for his face grooming but I do plan to get one soon. Anyhow, I have learned how to trim the hair near his eyes and nose using this scissors without hurting him. I normally would slide the scissors from the side of his nose upward to reach the hair near the eyes. I find that this way, he's more relax and won't move his head. In this manner, he doesn't find this sharp object coming towards his eyes and he's not intimidated by it.

Anyway, I'm most proud of Teddy. I know he doesn't really like to be groomed but he pulled through with much patience and perseverance. One thing, I have learned that it really does take alot of patience to to grooming as pet too need alot of encouragement and coaxing to stay calm and relax throughout the whole process. If I want to keep grooming time shorter, don't wait until the hair grows long as it's very taxing not just for the groomer but the dog as well.

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