Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Teddy wishes all the doggie dads out there a very Happy Father's Day!
 My mommy decided to make a durian cake for my doggie dad, Miko and my grandpa(mommy's dad).
My grandpa loves durian and it was he that introduced this sweet fruit with a smell that either you love or you don't...hahahaha

Take a look...

 Mommy say this is her first time attempting to make this cake but she seems to manage it fine as she has got the recipe with instructions from her favorite doggie blog at
Check out this blog as it has loads of wonderful recipes and information which is shared by Wen who loves her adorable shih tzus very much.

Mommy managed to take some time to deliver the cake to my doggie dad, Miko and mom, Mo Mo.
Now it's my time to eat!!

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