Thursday, May 6, 2010

What have I learned?

One very distinctive character trait that I have learned from Teddy is consistency. Yes! I learned from a dog....I know it may sound weird but it's very true that this very creation of God taught me lessons. In fact many lessons...but let me start with this first. 

I remembered when he was a puppy I used to bring Teddy out for his morning walk around our neighborhood. It's during one of this walk that I met up with an aunty who also takes her morning walk. It's in these encounters that we managed to hold brief chats and that's how she get to know Teddy. Teddy as usual is ever so eager and excited (wagging his tail non stop) when he meets her. This aunty would always carry him and talk to him ..then was still small in size :p After a brief chat we would all resume back to our activity, us with our walk and she with hers. And because we were still circling around our neighborhood, we would still meet her but still Teddy would still remain that consistent in showing his eagerness and excitement just like how he met her earlier on. 

While it may be true that dogs like to do that, but still it taught me precious lessons. I asked myself, can I be that consistent in showing passion for what I do and believe in and towards the people that I love.It's like in a family where I see them everyday, but yet am I consistent in showing my love and care. Likewise with the work I do, am I consistent in having the same passion like how I first started. Ohh dear! Teddy just got his mommy to ponder over so many things...

It's not about perfection cause I know I'm not and neither is Teddy. There are days, he gets upset too but still he's always super consistent in showing his love and excitement towards us, his family. Despite my weakness and imperfection, he is still consistently in showing his love towards me..his mommy TT

Mommy love you, Teddy boy!!

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