Friday, May 7, 2010

New Menu

Tonight, I find my mommy giving me something different from my regular dinner. I can't see any broccoli or even carrot. All I saw was something red and round..let me have a clearer view.

Hey! it's "tommy "the tomato! It's been quite some time since I have tomatoes for dinner. Tomatoes are one of my favorite vegetables. In fact, this is the first vegetable that mommy introduce me to.

One medium sized red fresh tomato diced mixed with a tsp of EVOO

Here's my dinner! 
Brown rice, topped with  steam fish meat and tomatoes in EVOO by the side.
 Hmmm..mommy certainly get some points form me for effort in food presentation

Mommy's observation: This is how Teddy enjoyed his meal :
1. Nibble a little of fish then chew some tomatoes. Occasionally, throw in some brown rice. 
Repeat the above step and devour the remaining brown rice at the end

1 comment:

Sgt. La Fiamma Shein said...

Whao....Teddy is so blessed and pampered...the food is so yummy....


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