Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Dessert - Fruity Mango

Yipee!!! Mango season is back! 
I saw grandpa brought back a bag full of mangoes. 
He knows that its my favorite and his too. 

Sniff..sniffff...Ahhhh.. the sweet aroma of mangoes coming from the kitchen. 

 Mommy say she is going to mix some yogurt with my mango. 
She say it's good for me. Anyway I have no complains as like yogurt as it taste nice!!

Wah la!!!My dessert- mango with yogurt. 
Yummy YumMmmMMMmmYyyyyy!! 
Give me my fruiTtyYyY!!!

Teddy enjoying his fruitTtYyy!!

It tastes sweet, sweet and yummy!, mommy

Ermmm...some more please?? A refill would be great...

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