Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is this manslaughter?

This is the conversation between my dad and I when I came back from church last sunday.
Me: TeddyYyyyy....!!! (Teddy runs and jumps up to greet me @ the door)
Me: Teddy sayang mummy...Teddy licks my face :p ..that's how he show his "sayang"- love
Dad: Did you see what he did in the living room?
Me: What?
Dad: He created a mess this morning!!
Me: What mess?
Dad: Teddy killed this....pic below

Dad: He killed a bird.
Me: @@
Me: Eeeee,...eEeEeeeeEwww...he just licked my face!! I had to quickly give my face a wash and Teddy a good brushing of his teeth.

Dad was kind of shocked when he came back after buying his newspaper just to find the home being turn into a crime scene. The crime scene was so messy filled with black feathers. Dad has to be part of the CSI now, 1st-Apprehend the suspect below

2nd -Examine the victim to discover how the crime is committed
3rd - Clean up the crime scene...Hahahahahaha

Poor dad, he did say, he was about to go hypoglycemic as he have yet to have his breakfast but then he did not have any mood to eat in the midst of a crime scene.

So how did the suspect commit the crime:-
We suspect that the bird must have flew in through the kitchen and was looking for a way out by flying towards the balcony. Unfortunately, the glass sliding door was not opened so we guess the bird must hit the sliding door and lost control and this when Teddy jumped at it.

Verdict: Suspect- Teddy felt extreme remorse over what he did as he hid under the bed and he vomited, trying to get all the feather out from his mouth therefore not guilty of murder.....maybe manslaughter?
Teddy is required to undergo long hours of counseling or is it nagging from my dad for his behavior...hahahaha

All we can say is, Teddy with all his curiousity did not kill a cat but a BIRD!!!! Poor bird!!


Kim said...

Laffy, I have the reduce the size of the bird pic so that you won't be frightened by it..hahahahaha

Michelle said...

Oh my! Bad Teddy! Such a cute post though, thanks for the laugh.

Teddy's owner is Kim said...

Hi Michelle! great to hear that you have a good laugh reading this post =D


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